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Meeting… Mbaye Hane, international route driver

18 Nov, 2022
“The quality and availability of the teams and their speed in resolving incidents is something that makes Global Spedition stand out from the rest,” Mbaye Hane, international route driver


Mbaye is one of the most experienced drivers at the wheel of the Transportes Velos and Global Spedition lorries. His story, however, did not begin in Zaragoza, where he lives today, but instead in the capital: “When I arrived in Spain, I started living in Madrid… but a friend told me that Zaragoza was a city that was more comfortable to live in. So, I packed my bags and didn’t think twice about coming.”

When he arrived in Zaragoza, he began to work in the world of transport: “For a while I was a delivery man, but a friend recommended Transportes Velos to me and I decided to try my luck.” As he explains, he does not regret the decision: “Since I started, I have always felt as if they back me up. Even the owner, Ángel Equiza, always took care of me and was concerned about helping me and giving me advice whenever I needed it.”

Mbaye reflects upon his evolution over time: “When I started, I didn’t consider driving as something I liked; I was working to earn money. Little by little I began to like it and today I realise how important this job is. The work that we carriers do is the basis of society and the economy. The evolution of society is closely linked to transport.”

Mbaye is a very athletic man: “I really like to walk. I spend practically all my free time playing sports, it really completes me. I have always been a very active person. When I’m at home, I greatly enjoy cycling and playing sports with my family.”

The experienced driver has witnessed the evolution and growth of the company for many years, both in terms of employees and in terms of equipment and facilities. For that reason, one can say that he has an overall perspective from which to predict the future of the company: “Here, we all work together to achieve the same goal. Teamwork has been what made us grow everyday to become what we are now… and it’s what will undoubtedly make us continue to grow in the future.”