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Innovation and Technology

Global Spedition mantains two unwavering commitments with regard to its activity. The first of them consists of offering effective service to its customers in all parts of the transport process. The second, which works as a  hallmark of the company, consists of the continuous commitment made to technology as a tool for its business activity.

Fortunately, these two commitments establish synergies which act in benefit of the interests of Global Spedition and as a result, also of its customers. The constant use of available technological tools provides the company with numerous advantages in all its work processes. With all this, we have developed a  “Training Truck” vehicle for our trainings, so that we can rotate through all our bases and train all our drivers in the shortest time possible.

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Global Spedition has established a system to determine, provide, register and evaluate the training actions necessar to   enhance the personal and professional development of each worker and also adapt to the needs of each customer and of society in general.

Aware of the importance of adapting quickly to changes and having personnel prepared to act in the event of emergency situations, Global Spedition has developed a  Virtual Reality training program.

Information in real time

To keep information constantly updated,  Global Spedition drivers have tablets to have available the current necessary information in real time: Documentation of the system, Routes, authorized Cleaning Services, Driver’s Manual, Customer Protocols and Rules, Transperanto, or notices of interest are part of the documentation that is updated in their devices.

Also, as part of its commitment to optimal service,  Global Spedition is able to communicate with the system that the customer wishes and send them all the information they require.

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Training Truck

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Measurable results

The success that our Training Truck is achieving is considerable, with the results being most evident in the marked improvement in the training of our entire personnel. Moreover, this success can also be measured through the external recognition we have received.  Following this great development in both training and technology, Global Spedition has received the Quality Innovation Award 2022 in the Business Innovations (Large Companies) category. This award, overseen in Spain by Centros de Excelencia (CEX), recognises the pioneering spirit of the company, which is on full display in our Training Truck. It is undeniably our nonconformity which has propelled us to the global finals of the prestigious QIA competition.

Composition of the Training Truck


Simulator for Heavy Vehicle

with an Immersive Driver’s Seat, to improve the following aspects:

$ Defensive driving

$ Road Safety

$ Awareness of policies 0 drugs and 0 alcohol

$ Efficient driving

Virtual Reality Program

in which the following skills are taught:

$ Process of discharges

$ Action in the event of incidents and emergency situations

Training classroom

where, in addition, the driver can become familiarized with the different products we transport

$ Training sessions for all personnel