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Dry podwer tanks

Global Spedition operates a modern fleet in constant renewal, equipped with cutting-edge technology. The aim is to ensure an efficient and effective service, in accordance with the firm commitment of the company to the highest standards of qualityenvironment and safety.

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Global Spedition has tipping tanks for the transport of bulk solids and pulverulent products. There are two completely separate lines of business, to avoid product contamination:

$ chemical products

$ food products

The products are transported in tilting powder tanks, which are unloaded into customer silos through a pressurized air system generated by the compressors installed on the tractors, after passing through a cooler and a particle filter.

High quality service

The constant renewal of the equipment used by Global Spedition consists, first, of the triannual substitution of the tractors. In addition, based on the commitment of the company  to the preservation of the environment, they are equipped with state-of-the-art engines,  that are low-polluting and help to reduce carbon footprint.

Moreover, both the tanks and the accessories used in discharges follow specific plans of preventive maintenance. Thus, this equipment is also renewed constantly to ensure its good condition and compliance with the commitment that Global Spedition maintains by offering excellent service.

simulador global spedition
simulador global spedition

Added to this is the leadership of the company in the area of communications. Thanks to the commitment that  Global Spedition has made to technology, tracking and control of the goods can be done by satellittrazae. In this way it is possible to know the traceability of the processes and keep the customer continuously informed on the state of the service contracted.  Also, knowing in real time each update of our work allows us to modify its route if necessary, always being able to make effective decisions that directly affect the efficiency of Global Spedition when offering the service to the customer.