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Meeting… Vanessa Rivelles, Fleet Coordinator of the Tarragona base

27 Oct, 2022
“Global Spedition is a pioneer company in various areas. It is always committed to being in the forefront in both technology and methodology, as well as in awareness of caring for the social context and the environment“, Vanessa Rivelles, Fleet Coordinator of the Tarragona base


Being with us for more than four years, Vanessa was one of the first colleagues to be part of the Constantí base, so important un our daily work: “I began shortly after ending my studies of Advanced Degree in Transport and Logistics. Despite having little experience, Global Spedition welcomed me from the beginning and gave me an opportunity that I did not hesitate to utilise“.

This opportunity that she speaks of led her to be today the leader of the base’s Fleet Managers team, a task that without doubt requires certain aptitudes: “The work in the Fleet Department has many facets, thus it requires being versatile and adaptive“.

Vanessa defines herself as a very extroverted person, a characteristic that she shows both in and outside the workplace. However, in her free time the activities that satisfy her most are those that require peace and tranquility, such as reading, meditation, yoga or walks on the beach.

In line with the company’s philosophy, her commitment to training stands out: “They give you opportunities to grow and improve, which makes the personnel evolve parallel to the company”. For this reason, Vanessa proposes to continue growing as a professional at the hand of Global Spedition, with the objective of continuing to direct the delegation of Tarragona in the best way possible and helping it to confront all the challenges that arise.

With regard to the company’s future, Vanessa speaks with ambition and confidence: “I am sure that little by little Global Spedition will continue growing and will open delegations in other countries, always being one of the leading companies in the tank transport sector”.