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Meeting… Simion Cvasciuc, loader driver

25 Jul, 2022
“The way of working and company policy are aspects that differentiate us from the rest. We are a serious company that meets its goals and cares about its workers, something that does not occur in other places”
Simion Cvasciuc, loader driver


Simion has been working at Global Spedition for more than fourteen years, divided into two stages, as loader driver. As he says, it was the image of seriousness transmitted by the company that aroused his interest in working with us, to which today, he adds other positive aspects of the company that ensure that he has no regrets whatsoever for making the decision to join Global Spedition: “What I like most about my work is the quality of the resources and the equipment we use, of cutting-edge technology, efficiency and safety. The quality of the equipment used at Global Spedition has been increasing gradually. We are continuously improving in this sense, and this is something very important”.

We could say that Simion defines himself as an active person, both in and outside of work. He affirms that he likes cooking, DIY work, making objects with recycled materials, etc. Simion also considers himself an athlete who loves nature, and enjoys it on cycling routes, walking and hiking.

The job of loader driver is very important in daily company activity. Although both the route drivers and the loaders work at the steering wheel of a truck, there are some differences between both   jobs. “Our work is more physical, as we perform more loading and unloading than the route drivers”, he says. Nevertheless, Simion prefers looking at that which unites them to that which differentiates them: “Our work is very important for the company and for society, because it depends, to a large extent, on transport”.

For the future, Simion sees himself with Global Spedition for several more years: “I’m very happy here, and for now, I can’t see myself working in any other place”. Likewise, he has a very positive view of the future of the company: “The company has great potential and a great desire to grow. Things that are done well, for which Global Spedition stands out, over time make a great difference”.