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Meeting… Raquel Marco, Traffic Department Manager

12 Jul, 2022
Raquel Marco
“The work that we perform in Global Spedition‘s Traffic Department consists of perfectly coordinating resources to obtain the best possible result: efficiency.”
Raquel Marco, Traffic Department Manager at Global Spedition.


“I began my journey in Global Spedition when I carried out an internship for my studies of Transport Management. Since then, I have been growing, adapting and evolving until reaching the position in which I work today.” Raquel, when she looks back, assesses very posivitely her progress in the company. Her two decades of experience provide her with knowledge that are key in her duties. Hoewever, far from attributing personal merits to herself, Raquel mentions teamwork carried out in the company as the true key to her success. “Together, we seek the best combinations in order to give the best service to our customers, avoiding empt kilometres, we achieve the meticulous monitoring of our drivers and manage to minimise the negative impact that we may have on the environment.”

Several of the characteristics which define Raquel on the personal level could be used to speak of her way of working: active, sociable, hard-working, involved and eager. Her personality leads to her enjoying her family and friends outside work hours, Meanwhile, her professional life is based on the search for the road to excellence. “I would love to see how this family called Global Spedition continues growing, such it has done up to now, and continues meeting the challenges that are proposed.”


Given her broad exerience, there is no one better than Raquel to speak about what the future will bring for the company. As an optimist, she affirms, “I am sure that Global Spedition will become the leading company in transport in tanks on the national level and one of the leaders on the international level, being able to open other business lines that allow us to learn and be better every day.”