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Global Spedition renews its fleet with the new generation of DAF

13 Jul, 2022
Global Spedition once again places its trust in DAF Trucks NV by renewing its fleet with its New Generation of vehicles


This first XF 480 unit is equipped with the latest safety innovations such as the DAF Trucks NV Digital Vision System mirrors, with retractable cameras designed to minimize aerodynamic drag and provide optimal vision in all weather conditions, as well as the kerb window that allows view of pedestrians and other road users from the right side of the vehicle.



We are excited about this new range of DAF Trucks NV vehicles that allows us to go one step further in innovation and efficiency in the Transport sector without forgetting the company’s faithful commitments to improve the comfort and safety of our drivers, the service to our customers and caring for the environment. We are committed to DAF Trucks NV’s New Generation that is more dynamic, robust, with augmented reality integrations and driving aids that will undoubtedly improve the day-to-day life of our fleet. A revolution that will further refine its reliability and is in line with Global Spedition‘s quest for Excellence.