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Global Spedition focused on OCS

26 Apr, 2024

According to the commitment Global Spedition is keeping with the OCS program, we encourage the rest of enterprises to join in.


Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) is a global initiative of the plastic industry to prevent the release of plastic particles into the environment, which can occur unintentionally at any stage of the plastics value chain.

This commitment focuses on the prevention of pellet loss, according to the following:

  • Prioritize the main objective ”zero pellet loss”.
  • Evaluate the situation of every company.
  • Make every neccesary changes in the facillities, according to the achievement of this commitment.
  • Sensitize all the staff and create responsibillity awareness.
  • Make a tracking to ensure that achievement.

At Global Spedition we do everything in our power to collaborate with the development of our environment, which is why we encourage companies and citizens to contribute with everything in their power in order to contribute to sustainability.