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Meeting… Ángel Luis del Sol, Workshop Manager at the Madrid Base

Juil 14, 2022
« The big difference between Global Spedition and other companies is in the human factor and in the quality of the equipment we work with« 
Ángel Luis del Sol, Workshop Manager at the Madrid Base


Ángel is one of the longest-serving people in the company, he has already devoted more than three decades (32 years, to be exact) to repairing the work equipment of Transportes Basante and Global Spedition. Nowadays, he leads the workshop of one of the bases of the company, and he does not hesitate for a moment when asked how he reached the position he holds today: « I have grown through effort and devotion to this famly. I believe that this is the best way to develop ».

The devotion that Ángel speaks of, a basic value for Global Spedition, has made him a worker who is respected and well-liked by all. Nevertheless, he considers himself a very normal person who, like everyone else, enjoys his free time doing what he liked best: « Among my hobbies, hiking, music and clay pigeon shooting are my favourites ».

Similarly, Ángel values his job very highly and its importance for the company: « I enjoy my work very much. I also believe that ensuring that our equipment functions mechanically and has the lowest expense possible is a fundamental job ». However, the workshop team does not only work for the benefit of the company, but also ensures conservation of the environment: « We recycle all the waste we generate; we are fully aware of the need to protect the environment ».

On the personal level, Ángel does not consider any alternative to Global Spedition for the future: « If all goes well, I would like to continue here in the coming years ». Likewise, he focuses on the work done by the workshop team to speak about the future of the company: « I believe that in the future we could have vehicles that are even more efficient that those we already have ».