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Meeting… Marius Pirvu, international route driver

Sep 13, 2022

“What I like most about my work is discovering the world. My profession gives me the opportunity to get to know many different places and to continue my training every day. I never stop learning

Marius Pirvu, international route driver


Marius, a highly experienced driver, has been travelling Europe for more than 15 years in representation of Global Spedition. As he tells us, his beginnings in the world of driving were as fortuitous as they were fortunate: “I started working here by chance. Nevertheless, I learned very quickly and I soon discovered this to be my passion. Working here, I discovered that this is the job I like most”.

If we talk about Marius, we are talking about an active and social person. In his free time, he tries to never be idle, even for a minute. Of course, he devotes most of his free time to enjoying the company of his family and friends. In addition, he also has other hobbies that keep him active, such as going to the gym or fishing.

With regard to his work and its importance in our society, he has no doubts about driving being a profession that should have greater recognition: “Our work is very important, although I don’t know if the world values our effort”.

The more than 15 years Marius has been working at Global Spedition, have, of course, given him more than enough time to form an opinion about the company’s strengths: “As positive aspects of the company, I would underscore the name and recognition it has in the sector.  Another aspect that is also fundamental is the investment the company makes in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), technology and equipment. The trucks and the tanks we work with are in perfect condition, which improves our working conditions greatly”.

Lastly, Marius’s experience also makes it easy to foresee the company’s future: “Global Spedition can achieve peak performance and continue growing. If it continues to be concerned about its workers’ conditions and needs, they will feel respected and will be able to give their best”.