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Meeting… Emilio Álvarez, Workshop Manager of the Zaragoza base

Août 9, 2022
« Global Spedition‘s commitment to technology and innovation has facilitated the tasks of the workshop team in making repairs. This contributes enormously to achieving the principal objective of the company: excellence in customer service« 
Emilio Álvarez, Workshop Manager of the Zaragoza base


Emilio is the colleague with highest seniority in Global Spedition, because from 1985 he has been solving the problems that appear in our work equipment. Despite the fact that today he is the best person to solve any mechanical problem, his experience and learning has been progressive: “I arrived at Transportes Ángel Equiza, as it was known then, without knowing what a wrench was, but thanks to the people around me, I could get trained and improve until reaching where I am today.”

Emilio, responsible for an entire team of workers, knows well the values to instil: “I encourage the co-workers to consult all the doubts they may have, to involve themselves in the work and in the company. It is important to value the company as if it were their own, it’s the best way to give one’s maximum effort.”

Repairing the tanks is what Emilio likes most about his work: “I love repairing the tanks, exploring them and getting to know them in depth.” The sector’s technological advances, which Global Spedition keeps in the forefront, constantly change the work that is done in the workshop, so one never stops learning. “The tank repair work resulting from the technological advances that we implement has nothing to do with what was done some years ago”, he declares.


If we look at Emilio over the years, it is difficult to see him without the company’s work coveralls, but if we try to look to the future, he himself reveals it: “If my health respects me, my hope would be to retire in Global Spedition. However, my family tells me that not even retirement will get me out of here,” he comments laughing. Although the work occupies a large part of his time, he also enjoys enormously the quality time with his family and friends: “I like going out on Saturdays with friends. Also, whenever I can, I love to go watch my son play his football matches.”

Emilio has seen the company grow practically from its start, and if he speaks of the future awaiting him, he has it clear: “We fulfil as we should the service that we offer to the clients, therefore, if we continue down this road, we will continue growing.”