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Global Spedition strengths its commitment with the United Nations Global Compact

Fév 15, 2023
Until now Global Spedition we have been determined and wholeheartedly supportive of the United Nations Global Compact. We became partners the year 2023.


This month of January we have taken another step in our commitment to sustainability, which leads us to get even more actively involved in achieving compliance with the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals). Given our activity, we can highlight some of hese Objectives for which we work hard to achieve:

  • SDG 3: Health and well-being: At Global Spedition we have a 24-hour PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) machine, DESA defibrillator at all our bases and trained personnel to manage it, Road Safety Campaigns, free laundry service for workers, etc.
  • SDG 4: Quality education: continuous BBS training, training in Virtual Reality, Motorhome for training in safe, defensive and efficient driving, language training, etc.
  • SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth: our own collective labour agreement, communication of complaints and suggestions through physical and online mailboxes.
  • SDG 9: Industry, innovation and infraestructure: Process of continuous improvement in the safety of our tanks, digitalisation of processes, etc.
  • SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities: Installation of solar panels, replacement of lights with LEDs, the « 0 Paper project », etc.
  • SDG 13: Action for the climate: Tests with LNG vehicles to asses their efficiency, removal of the spare wheel, Environmental Plus, three-year fleet renewal, continuous training in efficient driving.
  • SDG 14: Life underwater: Global Spedition is a signatory to OCS (Operation Clean Sweep), and trains all its employees in its objective, to prevent the loss of pellets.
  • SDG 17: Alliances to achieve the objectives: Social actions in collaboration with NGO’s, purchase of books and donation of mobile phones to Intermón Oxfam, donation of toys to different social entities, « Solidarity laces » in safety boots, sponsorship of sports teams, Collaboration and hiring of personnel from the Los Pueyos Foundation, active participation in the Solidarity Day for companies.

At Global Spedition we do everything in our power to collaborate with the development of our environment, which is why we encourage companies and citizens to contribute with everything in their power in order to contribute to sustainability.