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Global Spedition is recognized with the QIA Award

Déc 2, 2022
On Tuesday, November the 22nd, Global Spedition was recognized with the QIA (Quality Innovation Award) in the Innovation in Large Company Category, given by CEX (Centers of Excellence).


In our case, the award has been received based on our « Training Truck« , an innovative and differentiating element, that allows us to exponentially improve the training of our drivers in various areas that we consider to be vitally important in our daily lives and also for the society:

  • Defense Driving that can prevent and avoid accidents.
  • Road Safety, minimizing incidents for all road users.
  • Efficient Driving, focused on reducing fuel consumption and, therefore, the impact that our work has on the environment.
  • Optimization of product unloading processes, thanks to which we improve the confidence and expertise of our drivers.

We want to thank to Centers of Excellence for the great reception and for recognizing our innovative spirit in the areas of training, technology and the envirnoment.