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Meeting… Ovidio Rus, Professional Driver and Driver Instructor

Jul 13, 2022
„My work helps in that, as the company is in full expansion, it needs new drivers. These drivers have to be prepared to always comply with the highest standards of quality and safety
Ovidio Rus, professional driver and driver instructor


Ovidio’s experience and background are fundamental for transmitting to new generations of drivers the values of Global Spedition: „What is most important in what I try to teach new drivers is to always display a respectful attitude towards customers, as well as seeking to drive in an efficient manner that is as responsible as possible with the environment“.

Fourteen years of experience in two different stages attest to Ovidio’s skills as one of the most veteran drivers of the company. Nevertheless, during his tenure in Global Spedition he has worked in several different jobs. He began as a route driver, after which he joined the team of loaders and finally, he became one of our instructors: „At first I didn’t want to be an instructor but when I gave it some more thought I realised that it was my turn to help the company, offering my experience to train the new drivers“. He says that the change has been positive, because he feels happy with what he is doing nowadays: „I love seeing how my new co-workers pass from the fear of the first days to the self-confidence they feel when they finish the training“.

Work, obviously, is not everything in his life. Ovidio is a great sport enthusiast, more specifically, we could say that he’s a staunch follower of F.C. Universitatea Cluj, team of the Romanian city Cluj-Napoca. In addition, he shares other hobbies with his family and friends, such as travel or visiting natural and historical landscapes.



When thinking about the future of the company, Ovidio relies on some of its strengths: „Global Spedition is based on the concept that a job always must be done well. The commitment to always being prepared for the customer’s requirements distinguishes us from the rest. We are already a national and international reference, and I believe that we can become one of the major operators of tank transport, as we have a great team, with one of the largest fleets in the sector“.