Other services

The Company has a certified cleaning service at its base in Zaragoza and it also has its own repair shops at its bases in Zaragoza and Madrid.

Repair shop

Global Spedition has its own repair shops at its bases in Zaragoza and Madrid to carry out the maintenance and the repairs of its fleet, as well as those of external companies.

These repair shops are provided with the necessary equipment and specialised personnel to offer a service of guarantee and quality without depending on third parties, reflecting a better service to the client.
It also has rescue vehicles and road assistance in order to complete these services.

Cleaning service

Global Spedition has a cleaning certificate according to the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards and evaluated according to the SQAS “tank cleaning service” system at its base in Zaragoza. This cleaning service attends its own fleet as well as external fleets of non-ADR tankers.

Specialised personnel is in charge of the interior and exterior cleaning of the tanks, as well as its accessories. The service has cold and hot water, drying and products compatible with food loads in accordance with the previous merchandise and depending on the next merchandise to load.
Each cleaning carried out in our installations is accompanied by its corresponding certificate of quality and sealing of the tank.