Quality guarantee

Global Spedition offers you all the national and international potential of its fleet, broad experience in the sector as well as a solid commitment to its clients, in particular, and to the society in general, always offering maximum guarantees of QUALITY, SAFETY and respect for the ENVIRONMENT, which is clear from its certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SQAS and GMP+.


Global Spedition has established a system for determining, providing, recording and evaluating the training actions necessary within the organization.


Global Spedition has implemented a training program called BBS with the intention of increasing safety in highway transport, influencing positively the behaviour of the personnel by means of observation preparation and communication.

The purpose of this program is the improvement in safety as well as the reduction of the emissions through more efficient driving.

  • Constant training

Global Spedition also has an annual training plan for all its members. Through internal and external courses, tools are provided for a constant adaptation to the needs of the client and the society in general.

  • Always updated Information

To maintain the information constantly up to date, the drivers of Global Spedition have tablets in order to have the necessary information in real time and in force: Documentation of the system, Routes, Authorised Cleaners, Driver’s Manual, Protocols and Rules of the Client, Transperanto, or notices of interest are part of the documentation that is updated in his devices.


Company policies

The company’s policies make it possible to set the organization’s objectives and goals.


The company policies of the Global group are the basis and the engine of its Integrated Management System of Quality, Environment, Safety and Food Safety; from them the objectives and goals of the organisation are established.
These policies have been focussed on the provision of services according to the needs of our clients, the current legislation and our commitment with society.

“Success is achieved thanks to the involvement of all the personnel of the Global Group.”


CSR complaints

Global Spedition has created a CSR Committee to act against any type of irregular action or malpractice that violates our code of ethics, current legislation or the principles of the United Nations Global Compact.


Global Spedition Warning: Complaints relating to transport services must not be processed through this Channel, as they will not be attended to. There are specific resources for this type of complaint.

It is not mandatory to enter the First Name, Surnames and Email; you are only required to do so if you wish to receive a personalized answer regarding your complaint, and your data will only be used for this answer. You can, at any time, request to exercise your rights relating to Data Protection of Global Spedition, contacting us through the “Contact” section or at our various offices.