Global Spedition has its own modern fleet equipped with the latest technological advances to guarantee a service within the highest standards of quality, environment and safety.

High-quality service

To guarantee high-quality service,the entire fleet is in constant renovation. To guarantee high-quality service, the entire fleet is in constant renovation. The tractors are substituted every three years and have lower-emission motors to reduce the carbon footprint as part of the commitment of our company with the environment.

The tanks follow specific plans of preventive maintenance, of the equipment and of the unloading accessories, and are renewed constantly to guarantee the suitability and good state of the units.

Leaders in communications. The monitoring and control of the merchandise via satellite allows us to inform the client at every moment on the state in which the contracted service is found and to modify its route in case it were necessary.

Dry powder tankers

Global Spedition has tankers with tipping devices for the transport of bulk solids and dry powder products. There are two completely separate business lines: chemical products and food products.
The transport is carried out in single-compartment dry powder tip trucks, with cone shape and manholes, which are unloaded at the silos of clients through a compressed air system by the compressor installed in the tractor.
The unloading of the products and substances from this type of tanker is done by means of the pressure that the compressed air exercises within the tank. For the generation of compressed air, its own external compressor is used from each unit with cooler and particle filter.

Liquid tankers

Global Spedition has in its fleet liquid tankers for the transport of dedicated food products. They do not tip, they unload to tanks by means of an electric pump that the tanker truck has. The tankers have independent units for heating the product. The unloading system of these tankers by pump is done with two rotors in lobular shape within a body that spin in synchronisation without touching each other. Through the spinning of the rotors, the spaces between the lobes and the body are consecutively filled and the product is transported by the aspiration towards the body of the drive, displacing a fixed volume. These tankers also comply with the regulations on ATP (perishable food transport).

Self-priming tankers

Global Spedition owns self-priming tankers for carrying out special services such as the recovery of merchandise coming from contaminated silos, damaged vehicles or those in an accident, in situations of emergency, spills, etc.